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need help with super soil cooking!

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I'm on my second day of cooking a batch of super soil in a 55 gallon garbage can. I have heard mixed thing about it being covered or uncovered. I covered mine and took the lid off to check on it and it smells foul! Pretty sure that's a bad sign if anyone with experience with cooking super soil could help me out I would appreciate it. Is it important for it to get oxygen? Was it not supposed to be covered? Would it be better if I dumped it out mixed it up and put it into 18 gallon Rubbermaid and drilled holes in the lids? By the way the soil is cooking indoors in the garage temperature is about 72-78°. Thanks in advance !
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I went and checked it and opened the lid to dump it out.....no more foul smell! Maybe the closet was too small and gas from it breaking down accumulated too high? I'm not sure but it's in the garage now at 73° and all is well for now!