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need help

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Hi new to this they call me curly need help with it is 6weeks and it is doing this wont grow and started budding I think. any help would be great thanks
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Thanks for reply I would like it to flower I think? I have no idea what I am doing here Im talking dumb and dumber here. give me a transmission and no problem this ?????????????????????????? so any help would be great and again thanks
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thanks flush with water right? would it be a good idea to put it in new soil Im getting new frog soil today from F.F. I also have the three foods Big bloom grow big and tiger bloom to use and what is bloom nuts?
yes flush with water that pot looks big enough , what sort of light are you using , id keep her in that pot, she wont grow much bigger , grow a few buds while she wants to flower then re veg her when i got a little puff off her . you wont get tons but a bit and you can use her all over again when you take off some buds and put her back to 18/6 then she will need a bigger pot ,

just a thought:3::3: