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I have 4 NL plants that are into their 5th week of flower. They are beautiful. The buds were fine. I started seeing yellowing leaves dropping off towards the bottom. From the book I read bought here about growing- I suspected Ph issues. I started using a purchased ph meter; and it was reading in the low 4's. I got worried and started using baking soda and Bone meal to raise the ph. I kept seeing no increasing results- so I continued to add baking soda in the water to try and raise it up. It suddenly went from low 4's to 9 like overnight. Now I have 4 former beautiful plants that look like they're dying quickly. Buds drooping- they look like shit. Now what do I do? I want to try and flush with RO water- but am afraid to over saturate them. Do I wait for them to dry out before flushing; or just flush them now.

Soil mix- 50% promix/50%organic soil- kelp and lightly limed
3 gal cloth pots- indoor
12/12 HPS lighting now in flower
steady fresh air fan 24 hrs throughout


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I would flush right away with plain water at ph 6. Let dry and start watering with light nutrients at ph 6. You might want to get a good ph meter (ele.) and up/down additives.

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