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Need info on using CO2 in grow room

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isn't 1500 ppm per ft needed (co2) ?
ppm of Co2 in our air we breathe is about 400 ppm. In prehistoric days it was closer to 1600 ppm. 1500 ppm per sq. ft. would probably kill you & everything in your house. I have a 5' x 10' tent which is 50 sq. ft. That would be 75,000 ppm of Co2. No chance I'll ever try that. That's why you use something like an Atlas Co2 Controller with a sensor. Once you set it (Usually 1200 - 1500 ppm) if the Co2 gets over that the sensor shuts it off. The best temps for Co2 are 84 F - 94 F. I found an excellent article on it that tells you all you need to know. It's on a site called Grow Weed Easy or ILGM; can't remember which one.


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Hey Smokey, I have to agree with you 100% on what you said in your closing about the roots. After 1.5 years of growing in soil & only getting 2.5 - 4.5 oz. per plant I came to the conclusion it's all about growing the roots & not the plant itself so much. I've done everything I can possibly think of to try to increase yield in soil but haven't had a lot of luck. Then it hit me .... this is about growing the roots as big as possible. Because of this I decided to change my whole tent. No more soil in 3 - 5 gal. pots. No more GH Nutes. I ordered a 4 - 5 gallon Auto-Pot system that I'll be using Coco & Perlite in. Switched all my nutes to Advanced Nutrients Coco Formula. Added a 6 gal. Humidifier & will soon be adding Co2 if all my temps & humidity are right once it's all set up & tested for a couple of days. Sure hope this increases yield as it's costing me about $500 - $600 to make these changes. The cost is mainly in the nutes. AN stuff is quite expensive compared to GH products. Sure hope the changes I'm making help.
Just having a read over as someone tagged me in it and getting a bit engrossed again lol.
What you reckon then mate, was it worth it switching over to hydro?
is it indeed easier, less to worry about, better growth, healthier plants and better yield?
Or am I about to get a virtual slap haha :)


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Now I'm really confused. Everything I've heard or read said Co2 does no good unless your tent is running hot above 90 F.
But you say 70 - 86 F ? Well Hell's Bells ... Not sure which way to go now.
Ok so from what i understand your tent should be between 70-82°f anything over that can slow growrth especially in flowering try not to go over 80°f however in a c02 rich environment plants will tolerate the heat alot better and can handel more intence light and heat up to 90°f without slowing or burning basically growing the plant faster and bigger no point in doing this yet get your environment sorted first its the most important thing.


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have you ever hear about PVD it's all about controlling your temps. RH ect in your grow room Jungle Boys (cultivators) ise this method know many others - one need a air tight grow space for this to work.


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I'm currently running at around 28-30c so around 82-86f.

I'm using the Airbomz co2 dispenser, if your in the UK the refills are £6 per 1000ml tin, one tin can last up to 1 week, not a bad price really if I had to get a genuine setup i be looking at £35 for a small bottle on my has account with a £7 charge per month for rental of the bottle then upwards of £150 for a regulator setup then there's piping after that, where this is plug and play, loads of settings on the controller to choose from.
Be nice if we could get these in nz


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My buddy on another forum grew that beast. (Pic 1 with the tiny pot underneath)
In a 15L pot of Coco/peri.
Autopot though. Bottom feeds the plants 24/7 without any electronics. Just a simple float valve and gravity. Feeds the plants the perfect amount all day long without it effecting the reservoir.
It will be the same after a week as it was when you made it.

If roots or other things blocking mechanics are something you've been told about Id assume it was down to use error. Rambo grows KISS. nothing fancy. 600w HPS per metre and 1 plant per metre. 500-800g per plant every time. Even with autos!
He taught me half of what I know and he's never mentioned it being an issue.
He is a good teacher though.
There's my second ever plant.

All 3 are pictures of individual autos. Only 1 per picture.

Once again, the big one with the tiny pot IS NOT mine.

I got 600g in NFT with pretty equal lighting... He got 800g from that beast in a 15L pot of Coco!

If that doesn't show you how good autopots are, nothing will.
All the pros with none of the cons.
And no, sadly they don't sponsor me to say that but if your watching ;-)
WTH is that! I always take only 100g(dry) per plant and I was seeing that as successful grow! o_O
Teach me more sensei... :Namaste:
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