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need leaf help - read everything still not sure


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I grow indoors. Lights 18/6. Leaf tips are like dark green/gray dry and flake off if touched. Then up top the leaves got like a tan/brown spots and the tips are brown and curling. The plant is lite green now too. So i looked up and i get nute burn heat stress and zonc deficiencies. So not sure what to do or how to go about it? Thanks for the help.

pics are below!!!!!!!!!!!


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re: need leaf help - read everything still not sure



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definitely a deficiency issue!

i would recommend purchasing a soil(assuming they are in soil??) ph testing kit, also purchase(if you havent got already) dolomite lime, i would add dolomite lime to the topsoil and water in well... test ph- making sure it is not above 7(absolute max) preferably 5.8-6.5... add lime to bring ph down to these levels.... once these levels have been achieved you can feed as normal resting in the knowledge that you plant is going to be able to take up nutrients.

it appears to me a phos and potassium deficiency.. with tinges of mag, iron and/or zinc deficiencies... but as a first port of call check your ph! if it is too low or too high THAT will be your issue.. solve that and your mineral deficiencies will fall into place.

all the best! keep it green :3:
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