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Need outdoor grow help.


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me and my very good friend(who i know for sure wont touch the plants without askin) wanted to grow out in the woods next summer(for our own consumption) with bagseed but im not to sure about the spots we found. I will put pictures up soon so you can maybe help me out. Because im not to sure if they will get enough light and do they die if they dont? and its by a creek so i dont know if i plant it in damp(not soaked) soil that maybe i wouldnt even need to water it, just check up on it. well hope someone can help me out and like i said i will be putting up some pics and you can judge if it will work out. also will be getting overhead view pics. also about how much bud per plant normally would you get out of it? only looking for like 1 pound to last us until the next grow season.
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You have a good plan dude, now take the appropriate action to follow.

Do some research into outdoor guerilla growing - check out the link in my signature.

It's hard to assess how your harvest will be, it depends on so many factors.

Try not to focus on the outcome, just enjoy growing and reap the rewards come harvest time. Without patience this thing will not go far.

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Go to you proposed site during peak sun times and see first hand how much light the area gets. 10am-2pm are typically peak times in spring/summer. Water will be an issue. Unless you live in a very wet climate they will need water and some nutes. Good idea to prep the soil before planting. Till up the ground and work in some good potting soil. Germ and start your plants inside and then plant the seedlings in your location.
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