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Need recommendation for cancer patient


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Hello all,
I've been a lurker of this site for a while and just recently jouned up. I hadn't planned on starting a grow for a while but decided to go ahead and start getting everything together and make it happen.

My main motivation is for my father-in-law. He has terminal bone cancer and is in terrible pain and discomfort most of the day. He has a very strong morphine patch and eats lortabs like m&m's but still he suffers. His discomfort has led him into depression because he feels that he is so doped up all the time that he can't even enjoy what may be the last months (I think he's got a couple years left in him if he can stay positive) of his life.
My wife and I have decided to grow/find a strain that would be most beneficial to him. I find it amusing that for the last 7 years her family has looked down their nose at me and lectured me constantly about how evil "dope" is. Now they want the pot head brother-in-law to help because conventional medicine has failed.

Despite the irony, I will make this my mission until "Pops" leaves this earth. He has loved me as a son and has never judged me. I know some good bud would not only help with the pain, but would also get his head right too. It would help him enjoy life and laugh.

Does anybody know of a strain being used for his condition? So far I have Blue Dream, Vanilla Kush, Big Bud, and some BOMB reggie that I came across.

Not trying to be a dick, but I'm looking for responses from people who seriously know what they are talking about. If you are currently using bud for treatment of serious chronic pain or you work in the medical cannabis field please feel free to reply, but if you're just telling me what kind you like to smoke to get really f@cked up, please keep it to yourself.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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As the National Cancer Institute for the first time gives information on its website on cannabis and cannabinoids (the active medicines in the cannabis plant). They report: "The potential benefits of medicinal Cannabis for people living with cancer include antiemetic effects, appetite stimulation, pain relief, and improved sleep.

In the practice of integrative oncology, the health care provider may recommend medicinal Cannabis not only for symptom management but also for its possible direct antitumor effect." The website also states: "Cannabinoids have a favorable drug safety profile. Unlike opioid receptors, cannabinoid receptors are not located in the brainstem areas controlling respiration; therefore, lethal overdoses due to respiratory suppression do not occur. Because cannabinoid receptors are present in tissues throughout the body, not just in the central nervous system, adverse effects include tachycardia, hypotension, conjunctival injection, bronchodilation, muscle relaxation, and decreased gastrointestinal motility.

Although cannabinoids are considered by some to be addictive drugs, their addictive potential is considerably lower than that of other prescribed agents or substances of abuse." We have found that most of our patients who have cancer find tremendous relief of nausea, better appetite, less weight loss, less anxiety, better sleep and overall very minimal side effects. It is great to see the NCI finally acknowledge the benefits of this natural medication to improve the quality of life for cancer patients.

All of that being said, you might want to try starting your father-n-law off with; vaporizers, tinctures, and other methods to take the medication are readily available.
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Do some research on CBD its one of the cannabanoids thats in marijuana and it is the most medicinal/painkilling one of all.

Herijuana is one example of a high CBD strain

many indica's are high in CBD

hope this helps man



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Maybe what you need to think about is the preparation as opposed to exactly what variety of plant matter you are trying to feed him... If he needs it quick, look for strains which flower faster..I think I heard autoflowering plants contain a good amount of CBD.

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Honey oil will have a higher concentration of the chemicals you seek, regardless of the strain you use..And eliminate the need to "smoke" or bring in carcinogens. It is what some say even cures certain cancers... I too would suggest higher CBD strains, when you are looking at seed banks many of them will tell you a break down of the strains and their constituents.. But all of these vary and should be considered more of an "on average" than "always".

I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but if you and 1% have been lurking... You should know this is a strain review section... There are area's of this site reserved for this type of advice seeking.

I wish you and your father-in-law the best.


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Sorry for posting this in the wrong place. I'm on my iphone and the last part of the forum title was cut off. I figured if it was a discussion of different strains it would be a good place to post. I usually "lurk" on my home computer so I'm not accustomed to the mobile app.

Thanks to everyone who has responded so far. I'm hoping to start my grow in the next couple weeks so maybe I'll have something for him by end of summer.

BTW my uncle who has been growing for 30 plus years is going to be assisting me on my grow. I don't want ya'll to think I was thinking I would just grow some fire right out of the chute! I know you have to have a keen eye for detail to do it properly.

I love this site. This is a good group of people. Thanks for the advice.


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hi and good luck to you in your attempt to help. I am in the same boat bone marrow cancer with all the problems from it incl nueropathy pain with no meds that touch it at all. Been fighting 4 years and ended up with medical marijuana as my only option that helps. Your direct question was strain, he will need a variety if he is like me in this. Sometimes a heavy ambered trich indica and sometimes a cloudy trich sativa is best. Neither will stop the pain but they take your mind off it a bit and allow you to regroup to fight again. Consider a variety if you can grow 2 or more at a time simple but if only 1 at a time change up a bit now and then. Best of luck


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Please consider extracts as they have done the most good. There is a man from Canada Rick Simpson who swears by the extracts and has saved many lives from Cancer Death with 61 grams of oil. All his info and tutorials available on You Tube and the web.
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