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Need Recommendations on seed strain


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I'm a rookie. I would like to have your recommendations for the type of seed I should grow.

I am an indoor gardner using soil or grow media (Slacker).

My lights are good (I think) 4 / 48" florescent tube set up with cool and warm tubes for the veg area / 600 w HPS for the flower rm.

I like the effect of sativa, seeking a stimulating high.

I have some seed from a friend - Pineapple Express that may be good to grow, but would like to hear from folks who know more than me.:Hookah:




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There is a strain/seed called Easy Sativa seeds, google it to buy. Supposed to be easy for beginners. Good luck!


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Consider an Indica strain because ; easy to grow - it has a short flower time (8 weeks) and can take a lot of abuse by the grower OH + good smoke Sativa takes longer to flowew/harvest(9-12 weeks) and is good also


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Pineapple Express is just what you are looking for. It is a hybrid with a good sativa buzz, much easier to grow than a pure (or more dominant) sativa that takes ages to finish. Go with this. If the seeds you got are bag seeds they might not be as viable as those you buy, but I would definetly do a run with those seeds before spending money.

As has been previously said, indicas and indica dominant hybrids are even easier to grow. They can take a beating and will stay low, 50-100 cm.


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Yep, I agree with daddymac, go with the Pineapple Express. You already have them, they will be fun to grow and they are very for giving. Have fun!
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