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Need small bushy strain!


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Howdy fellow tokers :yummy:

I am browsing seed companies (Canadian companies) trying to find the shortest strains for my indoor soil set-up. I will need your help and suggestions!

With my reflector/cooling tubes/ballast installed and taking into account 12 inches loss for pots on the ground, that leaves me with a maximum plant height of less than 3 feet (80 centimeters, or 31.5 inches). I am ready to reduce pot size to save height, and my cool tube (with a small fan attached at the end of it to keep heat flowing out) make it possible to keep lights really close to plants. Topping (or «training») the plant will also help control the height, and maybe even a net at max level, or ropes tied from the branches to the pot (to keep them from reaching up).

So far I've come across Oh! Zone and Endless Sky (both from DrGreenthum, feminized), that are said to reach 18-24 inches when flowered ASAP (when 10-12 inches tall).

SO! Any suggestions? What strain do you propose for a small indoor plant? I'm looking for bushy, small and productive (indica of course) :peace2:

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Aurora Indica...

Aurora Indica Feminized is one of our strongest Feminized Indicas available. Like the regular seeds The plant stays very short and produces very dense heavy buds with a spicy, hashy aroma and taste. Aurora Indica Feminized is excellent for resin production and works well in Sea of Green. Aurora Indica produces a strong Indica body stoned making it great for a before bedtime smoke. The strain is known for its medical potential for treating hyperactivity and insomnia. Outdoors possible in warm climate like Spain. Aurora Indica is real knock out stuff.
INDOOR / OUTDOOR Indoors/outdoors TYPE Indica PLANT HEIGHT Very Short FLOWERING TIME 49 - 58 days (Hydro)
60 - 65 days (Soil)
HARVEST Sep - Oct if outdoor Pay via credit card by clicking add to basket YIELD 350-450g m2 sea of green (indoor)


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In the readily available strains:

My first choice would be Aurora Indica. Second choice would be Easy Rider (ER is a stable cross of LR and AK-47). Third choice would be Low Rider 2. Since they all grow about the same height, my preference is based on potency. The AI and ER are extremely tolerant of imperfect soil conditions. Too much water, nutrients, soil Ph, etc. . . .

Most of my AI females never get taller than 24", have grown males that reach 36" with no pruning on both. ER females can grow to 48" with no pruning under 24/7 or 20/4 vegatative light (10K MH). One might do this to obtain cuttings/clones then change to 12/12 for flowering. Any of the above will auto-flower in a 18/6 day/night cycle and exhibit germination to harvest durations of 90 days or less, in soil, indoors. With grow room odor being low to moderate.

In all the above, feminized seeds are available if breeding is not a(n) option/desire.

Am currently seeding out White Widow Max that has been pollinated with Aurora Indica. Goal is to breed a WWM plant with a shorter height and slightly increased bud potency.

"Bushiness" creation in the vegatative stage is a function of proper pruning/pinching, in my experience. Any strain can become bushy if pruned correctly assuming one starts with a healthy plant.

Hope this helps and good luck.
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