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Need some advice and some knowledge on LED veg/bloom switch to LED full spectrum please!


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Need some knowledge about LED to LED full spectrum I have just bought a new 1000w full spectrum light and right now my girls are on a 150w veg & bloom switch light and there 3 weeks in VEG cycle my question is can I make the switch without causing any issues I really don't want them to flower too early..I appreciate any advice.

Chris Scorpio

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How much light has nothing to do with Flowering, switch yet light cycle to 12/12 does that

Switch to new light anytime

How far away is yet current light?
Start this one about 24-30" away and they should be fine

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Cool!! Thanks so much Chris Scorpio it had me a little worried because I haven't switched the bloom cycle yet but great that's perfect great info....right now the current light is about 18 in away and its been doing great but I wanted to add more plants..so got me a a 1000W to cover more space. Thanks again



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Mars Hydro

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VEG: 30~40W/SFT; hang the light 18~24'' above the plants.
FLOWER: 40~50W/SFT ; hang the light 12~18'' above the plants.
add lights for flowering, or change to bigger lights depend on your space.
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