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Need some advice on a watering system I might be inventing...


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So before I ask for any advice on this system I came up with, I should go about explaining it the best way I can. So...it's a 6-bucket, drip hydroponic-aeroponic, ebb and flow, DWC recirculating system.

A mouthful, I know.

How does a system as complex as this work, you might be asking yourself? For starters, I have a 20 gallon reservoir holding a nutrient solution and several different items; an 80 GPH pump hooked up to 1/4 inch line, a 240gph pump hooked up to a half inch line, and a 7 inch ice probe running at full capacity. These are all hooked up to various timers that go off at various times, but the 80gph is moving constantly alongside the ice probe.

The 80gph is running lines into the top of 5-gallon buckets with 6-inch-neti's, that are both part of a constant drip ring, and down into the buckets themselves where they are fed into aeroponic foggers that are constantly running in the chambers. The bottoms of the buckets have half-inch running in and out of them for both filling and draining on a gravity based ebb-and-flow table, but here is where things get weird.

I have the 240gph running on a timer, along with air stones that run into each individual bucket. Every three hours, the system floods and keeps the airstones running for an hour, after which it drains back down into the reservoir via the half inch line. The aeroponic foggers and drip continues to run, while the "ebb-and-DWC" rests, repeating 6 times throughout the day.

Before anyone cries foul, I just want to show off the merit of what this system accomplishes. Through multiple pumps, timers, separate lines, and buckets it effectively combines every type of watering system available, over the course of the day, spread evenly throughout as though it were anything else. I still haven't decided on the specific times I want to run the system (3-1, 2-2, 4-2,) or whether it might just be a little excessive overall, but I want to hear everyone's thoughts, and if maybe I just invented some new system I could take to market?

I welcome all input, but if you've come to hate on a new way of trying things, please direct it elsewhere!


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i myself think you are going way overboard,,, a simple bubbler can get amazing results,, 1 timer for the lights,, change the water once a week,,,, its a WEED, it will grow almost anywhere,,, a bucket, a air pump, some air hose, light and timer,,, way simpler...imo


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I go along with Medme, assuming this is your first grow. Way too many failure points for me. Start small, get a grow under your belt. Learn your plant and how it reacts. Learn your grow room (things change as the seasons change). Do another grow, same way, but picking up where you missed things the first time.

Once you know what you are doing with a simple setup, then start adding more complicated parts.

But, either way keep at it. and let us know how you are doing.



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I'm missing a few of the terms, where in your system is the aeroponic? Do the buckets have an on off so that they are drip then dwc then drain/flow to recirc? I just see a lot of terms but all i can figure is a drip system. I like pictures though


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I am not a professinal or anything ,but this seems overly complicated. I mean I understand that you are wanting to try something new and be inventive. which is good, but with engineering anything you need to try and keep things as simple as possible. There are way to many things can go wrong. I belive its murphy's law that says whatever can go wrong, will go wrong, and you have many different things that can go wrong. K.I.S.S. always remember this. It stand for keep it simple stupid.
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