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Need some advice on grow box


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I am new to growing but I really want to have a grow box. I was wondering if anybody could give me some feedback on a particular grow box that caught my attention. The product is the bloombox.

This is a description of the item when I inquired about it.
The Bloombox is 54.5 inches wide by 54.5 inches tall and 28 inches deep. The Bloombox enables you to keep one mother plant living at all times, allowing you to take up to 48 cuttings and the vegetate 12 clones.. Once your clones have reached 7-8 inches tall, you then move over 9 of the healthiest plants to the right hand chamber to finish the flowering process. With the Bloombox it will enable you to harvest 9 fully mature plants every 6-8 weeks, cropping 1-2 ounces per plant. (10-14oz) All machines comes with step by step instructions showing you exactly how to do everything.

The Bloombox comes standard with co2 injection, carbon filtration, hydro, 48 site powercloner, water and air pumps, 400w HPS bulb and 125W fluorescent bulb along with a 3 cycle supply of nutrients and rockwool. Anybody who can help me out with feedback or any better options would be much appreciated. Also any other additional items needed or recommended on top of a grow box would help me out


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I have to agree with Henry. You will be limited in the size of plants you can grow with that. I am not much on DIY, but I would definitely go with two tents, one smaller one for veg and then a larger one for bloom. You can choose exactly the lights you want, the CO2 system you want, everything is customizable and a hell of a lot cheaper. Grab two Gorilla tents, one for veg, one for bloom and then choose your fans, lights, filters, etc.


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Sorry for being so new to this But what I need is
#1. I need it to be discreet, as in smell, sound, and space because I have a son who isn't even a year and I can't have him getting into it. Can tents provide that?
#2. I have dogs and need them away from the plants to keep out mites.
#3. I need it to produce decent yields
#4. I need ph, CO2, water, and nutrients to be automatically fed to the plants in a hydro system that can monitor all of those functions.
Can this be done for diy and please please can I get some references on where to go for it. I am looking for good quality at the lowest. The lighting, CO2, hydro system, a system to monitor the ph and everything else I want to be of great quality. But if you know where to go for great quality products and advice on lights for veg and flowering stage I'd appreciate it. Have a great day!


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1. A tent is going to look like a big black closet for the most part. Most growers use carbon filters to eliminate odor, so yes, tent grows can use negative air pressure (more exhaust than intake air) to eliminate smell. Sound? For a small grow like that the loudest thing will be your fan. Most fans will have a decibel rating on them so you can get an idea of how loud they are. I would say that a tent grow of the size you are looking at will be a fairly quiet operation besides a little white noise from the fan.
2. Different tents have different intake setups, but I believe you could use filters (HEPA, Dust Shroom, etc.) to deal with those issues.
3. THAT is what I am worried about with the growbox. It honestly isn't a large grow area and is very vertically challenged, so you would have to use training such as flux/mainline/LST to keep your plants at a manageable height.
4. I can't speak much to hydroponics and am just a sideline quarterback who enjoys my time here, but I know there are growroom automation systems out there that range anywhere from basic to absolutely insane modular customizable pieces.

My big thing is I know how much these growboxes cost and it is a lot! In my opinion they are ok in some situations, in most cases I feel that with a little research and time you can make something custom tailored to your exact needs for probably half the price and you will have a setup that doesn't limit you so much. No one can sit here and point you in the right direction. The only thing that I can suggest is to pump the brakes a bit and take a step back and research. Get you a good book on growing, read it cover to cover, take notes. Then look through the grow journals on here and see what other people are doing. See what a basic setup looks like, see what hydro systems people are using, what they like and don't like. Growing is a major investment and I honestly think to do it right one must step back a do a couple months research before buying the first piece of grow kit. You will never go wrong doing too much research, but you will often go wrong jumping in before you have done enough research.


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I looked into those things a while back and the prices are insane and the boxes are too small for my liking, Super Closet is sorta the same deal, there's also the dutch G-Tool that's more like a proper closet.

I mailed both BC and Super Closet, BC answered in a couple of hours and it took Super Closet more than a week.

The G-tool seems to be of decent size and it doesn't look like a lab machine with dials and meters like the 2 other ''high-tech'' type units and any type of hydro/aero system can be put in there.

You can buy fans that are very quiet, but that's just the motor - the airflow will still make significant noise, this can be reduced a lot by adding silencers and acoustic ducting.


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Ive recently been looking at hydroponic systems that come in a set. I think they are called "drip irrigation systems" or something like that. the reservoir needs to be filled with fresh water and nutrients every time needed. then the pump feeds from the reservoir through the drippers into the pot. all this can be set on a timer so it'll water automatically whenever you chose.
this may be the way to go with what you want.
heres a link to the one i was looking at, its a Uk site but you'll get the idea. Wilma Hydroponic Dripper System - Small
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