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Need some advice on growing techniques please.


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Ok, so im about my 4th week into veg, my(hopefully) ladies are looking pretty healthy, but i am sort of using a poor mans grow. I have an old small book shelf(about a few inches under 5 feet tall) lined with tinfoil, and a bunch of holes drilled around it for good ventilation, with a swinging fan blowing fresh air into the holes so its not directly on the plants. I forgot what the name of the soil im using is, but thats not what this is about anyway + i know its good because this is my second grow, except last time i got the plants from someone and they were already in there first week of flowering. Im using a 60something what cfl twist in about 2 inches above the plants, and btw its a stealth grow so the 6gallon pot there in takes about the whole bottom of the box, and theres 2 plants around the same size(no more than 2 inches difference) a few inches away from eachother, and i hope thats not going to be a problem, but it wasnt last time.

Now, down to what this post is about.
I just started using the lst technique, but im wondering which is going to help me yield the most from these plants as i cant grow anymore until i can afford a bigger/better setup. I read up alot on super cropping, topping, low stress training, etc..

So based on the setup I told you fellow stoners about :smokin: , which do you think will work best for me, should i keep using the lst? Or should i switch before its too late, should i top, can i top and lst, i need help- and if you decide to give me advise on which to choose, can you tell me how to go about it?

Any help would be appreciated :thanks:

keep on smoking :bigtoke:


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I'll see what I can do, thanks, but any advice on which techniques in the meantime?
I would loose the Tinfoil. Tinfoil is only about 60% reflective. You'd be better of with flat white paint or even white sheets of paper. How big is your light bulb? Have you looked into a DIY reflector for your lightbulb? If your strapped for cash and cant afford a new bulb, thats cool, but your next step should be maximizing the light you are getting from the bulb(s) you have and a DIY reflector(which can be done with a soda can or a $1 baking/lasagna pan) can make your grow a lil more efficient :slide:

good luck :surf:


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You can use both lst and topping at the same time to keep your plants shorter and bushier. There are a good number of threads about how to do it well in this forum. I am doing lst right now, with string and small wire hooks (from christmas ornaments). I use the hooks to pull my plants, because it's easy to adjust where it's pulling. Then I've tied string to the hooks and I tape the other end of the string to an edge of the container. I can easily untape the string and tighten it as needed. That is totally someone else's idea of course, let me see if I can find some links for you:


How does SCROG improve my canopy and yield?

LST pics inside



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thanks man good advice
but im not exactly getting any of the answers i was looking for, i meant for this grow what techniques such as topping should i use?


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Didnt really get much advice i was looking for, but incase anyone was wondering, im doing something similar to lst, idk if you can fully consider it lst, and topping. What i did was lst for a few days, and then i let them go, and grow straight again, i then took the middle of the branches and tied them to the side of the bucket and topped, so now theres about 5 colas?, I forget what to call them but i'm pretty sure anyone knows what i mean, and topped, there looking pretty good, and tomorrow im painting the sides white, thanks for that much help drojo
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