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I need some help. I have a whole crap load of health issues: Bipolar2, PTSD, general anxiety disorder, diabetes, cornery artery diease, chronic back pain (sciatica) and possibly chronic regional pain syndrome (from the heart attack I had, in my thigh) etc...

Anyhow, when I get hypo, I tend to become extremely irritable and go into fits of rage. I can't control it. I will be aware I am doing it, that I need to stop, I will try to meditate etc... but the second there is stimulous, BAM. Total raving asshole.

I am not violent, but I say terrible things, have horrible trains of thought etc...

Now, I smoked when I was a kid and enjoyed it a lot. But, when I tried it as an adult, I found the anxiety was horrible. It felt like I was on the edge of a heart attack for several hours. My eyes felt lagged out, tracers etc.. It wasn't pleasurable in any sense. I realize now both times I smoked it came from the same guy who grew his own stuff. He was a lifetime smoker, but I have no idea of the strain, but I do know he went for maximum thc. It might have been called blue-something... I imagine both times the stuff was w/e he liked and I don't think he switched strains much after a lifetime of smoking.

I understand sativa's can bring on mania, and give a mental high? But I don't know what a mental high is vs. a body high. Would the anxiety and feeling lagged be indicia or sativa? Is there something that combines the best of both? Or, if I smoke, should I focus on mental states/relaxation or body pain?

I am totally lost. Any help would be appreciated.

edit > Oh, I have access to xanax which I largely don't use because it causes me to become depressed and lethargic although it handles a lot of the anxiety I experience due to PTSD. I have no idea if xanax in combination with X would help or should be avoided. AND, I should say, w/e my friend was smoking, he stopped at some point during his cancer treatment because the anxiety it started to produce was too much to handle for him.


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Firstly, I am really sorry to hear about the situation you are in and hopefully can give you some answers.

There are strains out there that will be able to help you, however they may not be able to help all of your symptoms and may aggravate others. Are you in an area where cannabis is legal as it may be beneficial to speak to a dispensary and see what they could recommend.

Seems to me that you would be looking for a strain that is low thc and high cbd if at all possible.


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Greetings, I too suffer from multiple problems. I can't remember ALL of them but the one's I can remember are Bipolar (unspecified), ADHD, learning disabilities, muscle inflammation, arthritic knees and social anxiety.

" I tend to become extremely irritable and go into fits of rage... I am not violent, but I say terrible things, have horrible trains of thought etc..."

Sounds similar to me. Only difference is I tend to get semi-violent, not towards people, but I end up putting holes in walls or throwing items across the room - this was before I began using medicinal marijuana. I too have problems with saying terrible things, for instance I was annoyed with my neighbors and told my wife what'd I'd do to their home if they shouted at me again over something stupid. I don't mean anything I say, but it just spews out like a freshly shaken soda can opened. I also have a tendency to think of different ways to discretely harm people. To control my thoughts I either write it into a short story, or play Garry's Mod's PERP game mode so I can kidnap someone and kill them without actually harming anyone. If you enjoy playing video games I would recommend giving GMod a look into, it's semi-confusing at first but you warm up to it. I also find games like Hitman or FPS (First Person Shooter) games to be stimulating for those thoughts. I usually tell my wife "I'm off to kill people." when I go to play FPS games or Hitman. One of my favorite Free To Play FPS is A.V.A. (Alliance of Valiant Arms).

"But, when I tried it as an adult, I found the anxiety was horrible. It felt like I was on the edge of a heart attack for several hours. My eyes felt lagged out, tracers etc.. It wasn't pleasurable in any sense."

It sounds like you got yourself some wicket sativa! I remember mixing two sativa's together and it felt like my brain was dunked in pop rockets (those candies that you put in your mouth and they snap and pop in reaction to your saliva) and it increased my anxiety enough to make me hide under a table for no apparent reason. It made my buddy stand in the middle of the road in shock and his statement was "I'm freaking out!!!" "Why?" "I DON'T KNOW MAN!" So I would recommend staying away from strong sativa's as I have found they are the ones that'll cause anxiety a bit more.

What I do, is I take a Indicia strand and a bit of Sativa and roll it up. Depending on the strands this could end up with you laying in the bathtub concluding the existence of the human race in a nearly pain free, relaxed state. However, once you have the right mixture to your body's preference - you'll feel a bit better. I couldn't lift a cup - believe it or not - because the inflammation in my shoulder was so bad. Now I'm playing with my German Shepard at least 2 hours a day, non-stop, chasing him around the house and playing tug-o-war with him.

Another medication you could use for your Bipolar would be Lithium, it drops your mood and you feel pretty mellow. But it's a dull mellow and some things feel meaningless. At least it did for me. I stopped taking all medications excluding the rare Tylenol when I have a SEVERE migraine. Usually I smoke 1-3 joints a day, depending on the level of my pain and stress. Also I find taking a nice warm bath while you light one can help with joint pain and muscle inflammation. I heard that Afgan and White Widdow are great strands, I haven't tried them yet that I know of so I can't verify myself.

Hope this helps!
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We have a lot in common OP...what changed my life was Concentrated Cannabis Oil. Smoking is not your answer and in fact can trigger many of the issues you have and make them worst. Anxiety/panic attacks can be worst than any major illness and causes many of them. All those symptoms you have described can be taken by one simple item mentioned above. For you, A high CBD strain like Harlequin/Cannatonic as an example, with an Indica X Indica strain, The high CBD oil for the daytime use and Indica concentrate for the PM and all your areas are covered. DOSED properly with no euphoria and all those issues go away. Even my lower extremities circulation has improved. The Harlequin/high CBD strain is Sativa dominate and this will eliminate all your pain, 100 %, eliminate your PTSD completely and start healing all your conditions you mention. The Indica will take care of your anxiety/panic attacks and gives you a baby sleep for complete rest. Some take longer as the damage was more severe but your overall wellness will improve so much you will be amazed. If interested, let me know, and we can start your heal the proper correct way. FYI smoking can have adverse affects and meds like blood pressure, sleeping meds and others as well.

To better health
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