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Need some advice with lighting

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I'm thinking to build a small grow tent in my garage. Tent size might be 35x35x62 and I wonder if 250W HPS will be enough. I know more light is better but I already have some equipment to start with 250w and I'm afraid of the electricity costs. If it's enough at least to start with low light power I might upgrade it later.

Because I will setup the tent in a garage which becomes cold in the winter when the lights turn off how do you handle the lower temps? Does the tent just holds the temperature high enough? Do you add some timers to run off/lower the power of ventilation?

That light should be fine in that size tent. As far as heat, you can try an electric space heater if needed. The light may be enough to warm that area up depending on how cold the garage actually gets. Good luck!
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In garage the temps can go almost as low as the external temperature. The temps can drop to 10C when there is bad weather. I will use the lights at night when it's colder. I have a small 55W (like a tube) heater which might help. If the lowest temp is 10-14C and highest 30C+ I don't know how it will affect the plants.