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Need some direction....


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Im a new medical marijuana patient and I need to get to the co-op in order to start my garden, but the problem is, i dont know where any are. I've tried looking up addresses, but a lot of the co-ops on the lists have been closed down already and i want to make sure to get accurate information.

The Bay Bridge to SanFran is out right now so i was hoping to find some place where the backup traffic wasnt going to cause me any problems. I live in Northern Cali, so if any of you have any suggestions i would greatly appreciate it.


Also, that smiley is really creepy.


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i dont get up there too much, so dunno!
however a lot of medical peeps up there use craigslist for selling clones and seeds. i see quite a few on there now wish i was up north =)

heres just a sample doing a search for clones.

"have 12 extra Afgooy medical clone. Willing to sell to
any vaild medical card holder. These clone are in dirt and
well rooted. Please email me your phone number and i will
get back to you asap"

Medical Clones, Starters, and Mothers (san leandro)
Excellent genetics and health.
Some of what is offerred:
Blue Moonshine
Sour Jack
White Russian
White Rhino
New Yourk City Diesel
Monster (G13xBrazilain Sativa)

prices range from 10 to 75.

Currently available:
Purple Afie (Purple Grandaddy x Afghan)


There are several pricing tiers based on age and size. $10-30.

Must have VALID CA Medical CARD. Leave you TELEPHONE NUMBER as emails will not be replied to. These strains have all been seen through at least one cycle and I can let you know the specifics of the final results of each. All plants from cuttings, so gauranteed genetics. Thanks.


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yah it good place! grats on getting legalized too btw =)

had to visit about a LOT of clubs to find growing supplies down here you'll have a lot easier time.


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Yeah thats usually how it is, but thats mostly because there are a lot of smaller towns up here, and the cops have nothing better to do than bust people for stupid shit.....

And you can thank the Patriot Act for all the phone tapping.....but you didnt hear it from me...heh heh


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oh yah that "we know your up to no good and gonna getcha under the guise of fighting these non-existant u.s. based terrorists" act
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