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Need some help ASAP!


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Hello guys
This is my second grow on CFL Mixed Spectrum - 4X75W(2700K) + 2X125W(2700k) + 4X75W(6400K). Box size is 120X60X175. 3 seeds are growing pretty well as u see on this pictures. All of them are 2 weeks old, but only "jack herrers" have problems on growing.One has very weak leaves and another is growing way too slow. Can you suggest anything about this.




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Plants look good except for overwatered and what are you using for soil? The soil that you have is cracking where it's drying. It looks almost like it was a paste, like it was made from a very fine powder. That's not going to drain well or let air to the roots.

I'd strongly suggest adding about 20% perlite to lighten up the soil and increase aeration and draining.
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