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Need some help cooling my tent


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Hello all. I am having some difficulties getting the temperature correct in my new tent.

Here is what I have:

- Secret Jardin DR100
3.25x3.25x6 = 63.375 cm

- S&P TD-150
wired on the "High" setting (293CFM)

- Active Air Carbon Filter
- 400 watt air cooled hood (ballast is outside the tent)
- I am using one of the vent panels in the bottom of the tent for passive intake.

I have it set up as follows:

Filter -> hood -> Fan -> Exhaust

My temp is around 80-82.

Is the fan too small? I was sure the TD-150 would have been strong enough. :( The one issue I see is that my filter has a 4" flange, so I have to use a reducer on that side of my hood, while the rest of the flow uses 6" ducting.

Any suggestions?

I do have a bit of excess duct going to my hood so that I can raise and lower it. I could probably trim a bit more off. Do you think that would help at all?

Thanks for any help.


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80-82 is fine. I run a 1K with a 450cfm and 6" ducting...my temp at the lamp is 79
You may have to open another passive intake or unzip your tent a lil if you want to drop the temp.
or a bigger fan.


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I have a bigger tent 4' by 8' by 7' & had heat problems when I put my 1000w in. I opened the intake/exhaust holes in the top. heat dropped from 95 to 83. but that does leave light out the top. not much. doesn't seem to effect CO2. But am having humidity probs. now. 30 2 1/2' plants 3wks into budding. they are doing great like this though. good luck


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What Pit said.

also, anytime you reduce your ducting down, you create a bottleneck and decrease efficiency.

80-82 is fine, but if the weather warms up or you need to further reduce temps for any other reason, replacing the 4" filter with a 6" will help a lot.


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passive intake just means that you have fresh air coming in through a hole, versus an active intake where you use a separate intake fan to blow fresh air into the tent

passive = no intake fan

active = separate intake fan
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