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Need some help guys, Nit. def?

Doctor Dro

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Hi guys, got one girl this year, and i think shes sick :(

Im growing outdoors, I think its an indica strain.
I believe its still in vegetative, this plant is about 3 months old.
It is in a pot, and is getting about 1.5-2 gallons of water every other day/ when needed.

Here are some pictures guys, would love some help!!

Right here is the bottom of the plant, where is plant is yellowish, lighter green in color. Some of the stems/leaves are turning yellow and falling off. Again this is happening in the lower area of the plant.

Here is a picture of the leaves at the TOP of the plant. The tips are yellowing and beginning to die or "burn" off almost.


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Leaf tip burning is typically a nute issue but overall yellowing tends to be a nitrogen deficiency.

I'm an indoor grower so it might be better to listen to someone else with regard to cures...

Didn't want to leave you hangin though...



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long time in a pot. ya think the roots are bound up? there must be a ton of dead matter in the rootball that needs absorbed. theres a product thats all natural from biocanna, it makes the matter available to the plant. its called cannazime and works very well. its the dead matter from the plant growing is not available to the plant and is actually detrimental to it. how many times have you transplanted it? dont worrie to much. do you ever use super thrive alive? its a vita b compound thats also all natural. works great for keepin the plant healthy. you havent fed it to much have ya? leaf curl could mean to strong a neut solution. ever foiler feed? quick reaction time!
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