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need some help on diagnosing this one


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what exactly is going wrong with this white widow plant of mine? i think it is either rust or some kind of nute deficiency what do you all think? im worried about losing it from this :(
here are the pics

any help on diagnosing and how i should treat this to save her life would be much appreciated, thank you all :D

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I just posted on your grow, check out this link: Plant Help


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rust explained.


rust, how many of you have had this and been beaten by it? lots i bet!!!
first, rust is a fungi. it is opportunist. it preys on unwell plants. if something is a miss, rust is a sign. rust has been identified to have 7,000 species. it attacks crops of every description. but we're only interested in one variety arn't we?
if rust is present early in a grow, you have problems as it's an indicator something in your room is a miss. usually ventilation. go through your system and double check things are in place and working properly.
rust is an air borne fungi. if given the opportunity, it WILL take hold. it usually does during flower as this is when the plants immune system is at its weakest as its energies are concentrating on re-production, not survival.
depending on what part of the grow you get it, you can cure/minimize it with either chemical or natural remedies.
it enters the leaf via the stomata and then it's off and running.
fungacides used are generally copper based and include; thriram, manzecob, maneb or zineb at 10 day intervills.
baking soda, 1 tea spoon/ quart of water. spray on.
copper sulphate, read lables.
fungacidal soap sprays;
garlic sprays, 1/2 cup minced garlic, 1 quart of water. let sit 24hrs, strain, spray.
sulphur, one of the best natural sprays. it is low in toxicity.
micro kill, a citric based killer. i use this with great success.


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thank you for replying racefan. i saw you post this a few other times and wasnt quite sure if i had a rust issue, but now i do :). ok so i have cooked up a batch of water and baking soda like you said and sprayed both plants with the solution to hopefully end this rust problem in case it might have spread or could spread to the easy sativa. how often do i need to apply this solution? once every say 3-5 days? more? or less? and also do i need to cut the effected leaves off or will they get better? just wondering so i can get this taken care of. again, thank you :D
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