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Need some help something odd has happened it's deformed?


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So every other seedling I've grown has had two petels then sprouted two leaves this is an autoflower amnesia anyone fill me in on what's going on? Is it still worth growing around 3 days old


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sometimes they get 3


and all is well

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In my experience growing out a few of these, i have found them to have a completely different terpene profile from it's sisters. I had some. Blue Cheese seeds i grew and one was "normal" and smelled of Blue Berries & Cream Cheese. Mean while, the trifoliate produced a completely floral aroma. I found the same with my Mango. The triploid smelled like industrial cleaner and not like its sister. Another and the same results.

Every time though, the plants corrected themselves back to "pairs". So i don't think they were true...whatever we are calling them now.

Alright lets google this stuff
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