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Need some help with a closet setup 7'h2d'3'w

Bob Ross

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So im setting my closet up to grow in and i was wondering if anyone has any bright ideas or what im looking at for materials. The fan, lights, etc.. im looking to do organic soil grow. Help would be amazing thanks guys!

Closet is 7 feet high by 3 feet wide and 2 feet deep.


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For a closet, I'd suggest T5, CFL, or LEDs for the grow to make heat management much easier.

You'll still want a ventilation fan, and an activated carbon filter for covering the smell, and if you can vent into an attic or right outside would be ideal, if not you can vent out into the room, but may need an air conditioner to control room temperatures at that point.

For a simple, bare minimum grow setup you'd be looking at about $100-$200 startup cost for all materials. But you can also expect that to reflect on yield.

If you can spend the extra $ for a HPS/MH grow light, and the appropriately sized fan to cool the area, you'll increase your yield.
LED grow lights have been doing amazing for several members here, but their initial cost is expensive, however you'll make that investment back in less power consumption for fans to cool the area, and power for the lights themselves.

Now if you've got some time, there's one topic here that has combined a ton of great posts all in one place, and should answer pretty much every possible question you can think of.

Everything you need to know

Bob Ross

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Awesome thank you very much!!!! I have a window right next to the closet and im working with about $700.00. Just trying to get a set up for like 4 or more plants. Been doing a lot of research on lights etc. LEDs are the way to go i just trying to figure out everything i need to grow with. Making this a super clean organic grow.. want the best tasting looking smelling buds i can produce and weight as well. So when im done with this one and i get all the quirks figured out i was going to upgrade to a bigger grow.

CO Finest

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Sounds like you are on the right track. Great info given by Antics. With 2x3 foot space If you do not have leds I would run 2 foot 4 bulb T5 Light fixture so you only have one light to adjust and cover hole area. Install ratchet straps make it real easy to adjust lights. Led would be the way to go for best yield and grow for your setup by far. For best yields look at LST and things to help with bud sites. I wish you the best. Keep it growing green


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With a $700 budget, you could possibly add an LED or grow exclusively with LED lighting. We have a few sponsors on the forum that sell very high quality LED units, and many are in use by our members, like CO Finest is using some LED in his grow now (Link in his signature, he's got some great videos of his work)

Sponsor forum link
You'll find other products here as well.

Bob Ross

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So i am building my grow room in a armoire. Its a 2foot deep by 3.5 wide and 6 feet tall. I was looking at these LEDs and was wondering if anyone has any ideas of how these are. Also have a few ideas of maybe two smaller ones with a bloom light to add or just one. I am trying to spend no more than 350-400$ on the LEDs. But any ways here is what ive come up with...

Reflector LED grow light

reflector led grow light 96x3w

Mars II 900w

Mars II 700w

I know it says standard is full spectrum on them all.. But is that true? So Really just like to have some ideas and your guys thoughts on the lights im looking at. Thanks a bunch!!!
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