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Need some help


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I have bought a distillate syringe. I don't know how to remove the protective top. Can someone help this poor soul? Below is a picture of it.



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I don't know, try and help, hopefully somebody comes in that's seen it before. photo looks like caps either threaded at bottom, so twist and pull or Cap comes apart in half, holding Top and bottom of Cap and twisting to unlock or pulling to seperate..


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I'd call the company (or dealer, I suppose) you bought it from and ask them, since they'd be expected to know, having had to initially fill the thing in the first place. All the "not childproof" caps I've seen have been really simple pull-to-remove types, so I'm guessing that yours is just a wee tiny bit more involved than that, and I'd hate to see you break the little tip off the syringe and end up not being able to reseal it, with a large hole that makes dispensing small doses a challenge, or both.

While I was talking to them on the phone, I'd probably ask if I got a discount for that big air bubble, lol, since it doesn't look like they pulled any additional product to make up for its volume (syringe appears to be dead on the 1.0 mark).

By the way, out of curiosity, what is that product's rated strength (THC / CBD / CBN percentages) and how much did it cost?
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