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Need Some Ideas


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Want to start my first indoor grow. Been thinking about were to place it at and what size to build. Then it hit me, I have an old upright freezer in the barn. It's about the right size that I was thinking. Hell, it still works, but hasn't been used in years.

Has anyone converted a fridge or freezer into a growbox? Looking for any information that could be put to good use.

Thanks for any help.



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Welcome to 420 Magazine!

Quite a few people have converted those into box's. Just some handy work, a good hps or cfl's and some fans. There are a few grow journals that show photos.

If you wanna get crazy with it you can rip out the innards and mylar in inside, keeping the bottom as a drain pan.

You can find them here. Grow Journals - 420 Magazine


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Thanks Boss, I found some of the pics you were talking about. Very cool. I will try and find the log for that grow and read about it tomarrow. Hope to get some ideas.

I have grown in soil before, many many years ago. Thought I would try my luck with hydro. Always want to learn new ways of doing things.

Thanks again.



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I would try it first in soil to get the hang of it again.Soil is a much better buffer.Problems show up quicker with hydro.You may get a larger yield with hydro but the results always taste better with soil.
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