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need some one to make my mind up for me lol


Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2021
i have some outdoor plants , i live in N Ireland , had them outside for a few weeks but there was too much rain and they showed signs of over watering , so i brought them into my shed under a 600w dual spectrum , they picked up very well but i think the heat got too much as the leaves were curling up , there was an explosion of new growth but it just didnt look normal , very thin with twisted leaves , any ways today i put them back outside as the weather has improved LOTS

So im getting someone to make my mind up .... INDOORS OR OUT?? , they are outdoor plants maybe i should never have took them in ?


You can see the growth looks strange


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Can you not put them outside and make a clear shelter for them so they still get the light but not the rain? They shouldn't have gone like that from bringing them in though, when you bought them in and put under light were the leaves wet?


Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2021
ive been moving them in and out , took them in when it was shitty cold and wet , the strain seems to be pretty tough passion#1 from dutch passion, i must be lucky as ive had few grow this time , last year i over fed , got some cheese, 3 passion#1 and 2 randoms going also , plus to top things off i got my chilli plants to flower and grow chillies , shes full of little fire bombs :thumb: wonder if its my home made nutes lol ,, nettles, cow parsley, kelp and pony crap :MoreNutes:
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