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need some tips on what would happen if i switch my indoor plant to outdoor


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Okay so I had a question and a concern. I have a indoor plant that I have been vegging for about 2 months.Its been flowering now for about almost 2 weeks I been wanting to put it outside to get natrual sun light and to make more room for my other girls. It is in a soil pot nd my concern was if i switched it to outdoor and gave it 12 hours of light outside than bring it inside in a dark room and give it 12 hours darkness..would switching it to sunlight hurt my plants in anyway and would it mess up my buds? plzz help I don't wanna fuck my grow up over 1 mistake

indica vet

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not at all mate ,she may have to ajdust to the UV but should be fine.
be more concerned that having lived inside she has not had the chance to build tolerance to any pests or disease associated with outdoors.
keep an eye on that side of it, and the sun will be better than any indoor light.


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Agree with indica vet but it may not be a good idea to leave it out all day at first give it a hour or two at a time..

Also the wind stress is something to consider.


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thank you growers I appreciate the help. she will start going outside today but I will introduce the sunlight just a couple hours a day because were I am its usually hot and sunny everyday not to much wind thoe thankz again for the answers I needed :allgood::thanks:


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You will definitely want to get the acclimated to the outdoors. If you live in a cold climate you will want them to flower before the first snow.
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