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Need Some Vaporizing Tips!


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For vaporizing tips,
*Read your instruction manual
*Save your vaped bud and make edibles
*Don't go over 240C
*Dont use too much herb, read your manual on how much to use
*When using a whip don't pull super slow for a long time because you might cause the herb to combust
*If you want super dense hits go up in 10 degree increments instead of 5
*When doing bags if you want the thickest vapor use the slowest fan speed
*Keep in mind that vape high takes longer to hit you than bong/joint/blunt high, so don't go overboard if you don't feel anything at first


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Hey Kaylee, I don't know if you already bought the volcano but if you want a vape that could 'replace' the joints then go with the 'Plenty' vape...I have one & its amazing, made by the same guys from volcano but instead of the bags it uses a coil. The volcano isnt ideal for just chilling out as you would with a spliff or a cig so you're probably gonna keep rolling joints. Im glad your looking into vapes though, good luck.


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hea MBH.... :high-five: how's things on the other coast....?

when u say u DRY your buds, do u mean, u dry them even more than the ''cure''?:48:....ummmmm cause I use a film vile and a pair of sissors and cut it up in the vile, because u can't use ur fingers it's tooooo stickey, it's what I do now, though, and this cure process I'm tryin is working really well:lot-o-toke:,,,,lol this shit just gets better,and better ,,,,wow.....

any hoot,,, MBH , I'm getting a arizer solo in a day or so and I have a good grinder comeing as well. I really want to do the ''vapeing'' thing, just too many good things about it ...not to do it..... short story......I quite smokeing ''cigs'' last year (1/13/14), 49.5yrs as a smoker ummmm pack a day... and now I'm going to do this vapeing.....of coarse i'll do a ''dubbie'' now and agin :rollit:...lol and stuff a bowl'er2 ,BUT, I'm switching to the 'vape'' method .....and maybe i'll live a weeee bit longer....breather better any way.... so any and all tips from an ''experienced hand'' would be appreiciated:popcorn:

dat's it....for now.......lol

Happy New Years to all, may u all get everything u wish for and more in the new year......:Namaste:....:rollit::48:

:2:great post

be well



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Howdy, fringe. Fancy running into you over here!

By "dry" I mean dry WAAYY beyond a normal cure. It'll gum up the unit a lot less.

Yeah, I'll still smoke a doobie or a bowl if someone lights up, but when I bring out the Herbalizer, nobody wants anything else.


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not sure if its mentioned but if u have a vaporizer that has plastic parts such as the vapir rise 2.0 that i use you can soak the parts in 99% iso every half ounce to ounce and get a nice gram + of honey oil i mean amber .. like i expect to see a mosquito in it .
you can also wash your bags in 99% when they gum up and become unusable ... soak 3 bags in the same 1/8th of a liter of iso and bam u got urself some fat honey oil tokes :)



Kaylee - Check out fuckcombustion.com. It's a whole website dedicated to vaporizing and you'll find plenty of threads on how to vaporize, tips / reviews on your Volcano and other devices, and plenty more.
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