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Need the perfect strain


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I'm looking at different strains for my first grow and I'd like some advice.

Ill be growing 4-6 plants under 600w (mh growth, switch to hps for flower) with a cfl in each corner of my grow area to provide a little light to the underside.

My area will be about 4.3' x 3' x 7'. So I have alot of height I can use.

I'd prefer to stay away from the really strong odor skunk strains as my location isnt the best (i live next to a cop, with a dog). Ill be carbon filtering and maybe ozoning if I need to.

It's my first grow, but I'm smart and will be tending it very closely so I don't need the easiest strain to grow but I don't want something thats gonna die with one mistake.

Basically: Medium ease of growth, good hybrid so I can grow it somewhat high but still have a good fat plant, medium to high yield, DANK, low to medium odor.

Right now I have Blue Rhino picked out (70/30 indica dom, WWxAfghanxBlueberry).

Any suggestions guys?

Casa Verde

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Re: Need the perfect strain...

If you have the hight and you dont want the odor to take over, i would suggest a nice sativa Like the nevills or Super lemon Haze .

They give you a big smile later on the scale :)

Good luck my man

Casa Verde


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i live next to a cop, with a dog

A pet dog, or a K9 unit dog?

Check out the sponsor list here, some great seed banks. Nirvana is one, they list all the traits of their cannabis. Gives a good idea of what you might want to try.


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A K9 unit. But the cops pretty cool, if he smells weed he won't trip, my neighbors a couple houses down will smoke on the front porch.
Also I looked into it and a search warrant is required for the dog to sniff around the house. And if it somehow got out, well that'd be a violation of my rights.

Yeah I plan on using Nirvana, I like that they come in sets of 10 vs 15 that I've seen at other places. This will let me grow two separate strains.
Wonder Woman looks promising.


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Just be careful. Him smelling someone smoking it, and being chill is one thing. Growing is a whole different ball game to him.

Nice choice on Nirvana! I've had great experiences with them. Keep us posted!
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