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Need tips on wooden box grow!


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Ok so I have 9 cfl lights total. I have 5 2700k 26 watt bulbs, and 4 veg lights.. One is 20 watts, another 2 are 26 watts, and the last one is 10 watts. I have 3 dual socket adapters and all the mogul sockets setup inside. I also have a metal grow lamp fixture. So I have 4 2700k bulbs hanging above the pots and 1 6500k bulb and another 2700k bulb inside the grow lamp which is on the side of the pot. The box is also right next to an open window for ventilation.. I also have half a table spoon of miracle grow mixed into a gallon container so it's a very light strength. There is no reflective material inside of the box. Do I have enough supplies to flower and harvest a decent plant?


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get some mylar for reflective materials , and you are going to need some ventelation in the box , you could use 2 computer fans , the open window wont be enough . you will probably be ok with those bulbs
good luck ! :)


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To be sure, those CFLs will get your plants through veg if you keep them very close at all times, but you my guess is you won't get dank buds with this setup. If I understand correctly, you have a HID fixture, but neither bulb nor ballast?

Also, the aforementioned subjects of odor control and ventilation are important. Did you read all the way through the "how to grow MJ" guide on this forum?
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