Need to get some seeds


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But I live in a state that it's not exactly legal in yet, wonder where the best places for ordering seeds from, and which have the best stealth shipping methods?

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Please check out our Sponsors.

They are all reputable and professional businesses and most have some great offers for 420 Magazine members.

Without them, none of us would be here.



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Just received two seed orders from Seedsman. They take approximately 10 days to 2 weeks from order until you receive. They are great about using stealth packaging. All of my orders have arrived without a problem and if stopped by Customs they reship.


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Two day shipping they're a sponsor and in the USA


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Seedsman. I can't comment on any other seed banks because I've only gotten from the one, but after 5 orders all arriving safe and sound in a non-legal country (using stealth option and non-original breeder packs) I'm more than happy with Seedsman's selection and service.
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