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Need to pass blood test for pain management


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I started pain management last Nov. I was able to sub initially and able to get Norco to help with ongoing chronic pain. Unfortunately the dr was not prescribing enough to manage the pain so I started back to smoking at night to help the pain after I had taken the prescribed amount for the day. I never took more meds in 24 hours then what was prescribed, hence the need for more relief at bedtime. All went well for a couple months until I tested positive for THC after a surprised blood test. Prior to that in January dr would not increase the meds until after a nerve block procedure which was scheduled 6 weeks out and then cancelled by Dr. That procedure was supposed to be done back in February. Here it is May and it still hasn't been completed. I know stupid but the pot really does help with the nerve damage in both my hands and feet and I have using pot as medical purposes to help with the symptoms with less side effects for many years. Needles to say the dr wasn't happy about that and stated she had to report me to the state. I was told I could not be prescribed narcotics anymore. My dr did tell me that I could continue treatment but no more narcotics but MAYBE later that could changed depending on my condition and compliance. And since my dr is still running test to find what is causing the problems and I am wanting to continue treatment to find the reasons for the pain. BUT, in the mean time, the chronic pain continues and I'm now needing relief until I can get back on the pain meds. So, now I'm trying to find a way to continue smoking until last minute possible and still pass their blood test. I'm VERY familiar with passing urine test but I was very wrong about the blood test which is why I failed it. Can someone with past experience of passing a blood test with short notice help? I can't endure the pain for more then a few days but will do what I must to try to get back on the program to get the necessary meds.


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I gotta agree with Bloodguy, get off the opiates. I rode the 10mg percocet prescription, 90 a month, for almost 3 years. The tolerance goes up and never levels off. Find a good strain to help
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