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Need to pass on 3/4/09


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Hey everybody, i'm new to the forums, but not new to tokin the reef.

I'm 5'9" and 125lbs. with a high metabolism.

I have to pass an [observed] test this Weds. 3/4/09.

I had a test last month, after being clean for about 3 weeks, drank lots of water, and took B12 Tabs, B12 dots, and AZO Cranberry twice daily. Needless to say I passed.

This month, I have smoked almost every day 1-2 grams of mids, and some shit called Big Mac once. I stopped 2 days ago, so that gives me 5 days of abstinence.

I have been told that Niacin does not work, and some detox drinks are worthless, but a few of my friends can vouch for this drink called Total Jazz Detox. (Red liquid, yellow label.)

I have only recently been taking my vitamins, B12 Tabs and Dots, AZO, and this time I got Niacin, ( My last test, i drank a Monster drink every day for a week prior).

I want to know if anyone has heard of or used this drink "Total Jazz," cause well, my friends are chronic tokers, so idk if I can trust their word.

So how bout it? Total Jazz or no?

And if not, which drinks have you had success with in less then a week of abstaining?


toke one for me.
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I just made a topic similar to this, I used Total Detox Jazz and smoked the night before. Possibly 2 days before. But I passed I was uneasy as to how my pee was so clear so that is why I am trying to avoid it. I will definately use it if I cannot come up with anything better. My test is 2morrow


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If your pissing for probation then you have 0 chances of passing, sorry...If its for a job then you can easily pass...Ive never heard of Total Jazz although I can vouch for QCarbo32 which is availible at GNC.


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i put your chances at 50 50 depending upon your level of saturation.
the drinks dont work btw
lots of water and anything that makes you sweat will help as well
best of luck to you mang


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If you take B vitamin and heavily dilute, the urine won't look strange as the heavily dilution will only give the sample a mild yellow color, not florescent as with a non-diluted sample.


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lol i know this is old as fuck but i to have a drug test on 3/4/14 lmao one day after my birthday those assholes but i as well chose total jazz as my detox ill let you guys know how it goes


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Ok guys ik this is old af but I came across is searching reviews on a product I had bought and here's my experience.
This product worked for me. I had been waiting for a job to call for a start date for their training class to start well a little over a month passed by and I was clean applied for a different job passed a 12 panel of course been clean for over a month. Well Friday Feb 2nd 2018 they call for a interview and testing I had just smoked when I got the message. Well might as well finish my bag right. Well Saturday rolled around and I smoked my last joint knowing I had a drug test and someone to pee for me. I went to a local smoke shop and seen this product was just $14 couldn’t hurt to try. The lady told me it works a meth head had just bought one after smoking in her parking lot and had came back to let her know she passed. I’m a female and the whole travel size shampoo bottle up my twat wasn’t setting right so I have it a try. Today needless to say after a 4 hour interview and test it was time to drive to get a drug test I got the blue raspberry tasted like jolly ranchers not bad downed it and re filled 3 times in the same bottle downed that everything was done in a matter of 2 mins. I had to get going my friend also applied (who supplied the clean urine) I peed 4 times the 3rd time tested with a at home test kit. well I was clean and she couldn’t believe it I couldn’t ether well got to the drug testing place and my turn to go in. Thc was negative and the line was so dark not a faint you passed. 12 panel test and aced it. My piss was as clear as water but nothing was said. I have used sonnys 7 about a year before right the good stuff $40 bucks a bottle it’s volcanic ash and it’s to help detox kemo. One bottle down this takes a week and tastes like snot didn’t work went and got another $80 bucks in and didn’t work 2 weeks and nothing. I’m 175 pounds and didn’t eat anything all day which bottle says to eat a lot and refrain from exercise. Let me tell you I have tried everything viniger and water. Sonnys 7 and tons other. This is what worked for me. I work for $15.32 now all because total jazz detox 10ml. I wouldn’t of chanced it had back up pee just in case but it works very happy and will be using it again.
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