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Need urgent help


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Hi need some help with my girls they were growing well till about a week ago now one is just about dead and the other that I thought was ok is starting to get the same thing (yellowed new growth ) I'm thinking ph or poor drainage though it's the same soil I usually use outdoors with reasonable results ... At first I thought it was calcium /iron deficiency but now thinking it could be poor drainage as I recently moved them from 10litre buckets into 55l pots using 50/50 of Searles premium potting mix with composted wood chip / sandy loam worm casting . They are in a 1.2x1.2 x2m tent with 6" exhaust fan and I have two lights in there 1 300w led and a 400 w hps both timed together temps are 18c - 24c unsure of humidity though it should be ok can't seem to get my head around why they are looking so sick I've always done well outdoors but I'm definitely no indoor green thumb they've got me just about beat also can't seem to figure out how to post pics on here as I think that someone on here might be able to help if they could see the problem
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