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needs a good mix for coco cups in aeroponic set-up


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Hey all
Im setting up an interesting aero system and trying to use what i got without buy anything else that isn't needed.
The Main question i have is for the these coco cup i brought. I heard good things about coco cups and cana coir for growing. but does it only work for soil?.
and if it is only for soil, can i use a mix of shredded rockwool or coir with rocks?
The aero chamber i making will works with small micro sprayers. is this ok with the coco cups?
p.s. Right now i only got a bunch of germinated seeds in rockwool plugs.
and The cups seem a little strong to me so i poked a few hole in the bottom and lower side to help the roots breach.
Any input would be helpful



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I dont want to use stright-up hydroton on the cubes in this set-up. I gonna be growing basically in a big vertical plastic tube. However i did think about filling the whole tube with hydroton and letting water flow from top to bottom. but this cuts out the all the sprayers i got.
In all honestly im kindof being an asshole with this system. I really want the best of all the worlds with this set-up.
Thankx for the input Ms. Fox :) good to hear from you again.

p.s.How do you all feel about volcanic rocks with coir and FF's Light warrior. ?
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