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Negative pressure need advice


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Hello all!

I am working with a agroMax 8\8 tent and have a slight bit of negative pressure. When the light is off I must seal all vents to ensure complete darkness. I have a 4 inch inline fan for outdoor air intake and a 6 inch inline exhaust fan . My question is, will slight negative pressure hurt my ladies or is it okay to have a little while in darkness?


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Re: Negative pressure need advice.

Negative pressure ensures all exhaust flows out through the exhaust fan and filter, if you have one. It shouldn't have any negaative effects, as most growers run this type of ventilation with no problems.

If you run a positive pressure ventilation system, it can allow the smell to leak out of the cabinet, where air would otherwise be drawn in with a negative pressure system.


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No problam man! I'm still in the same boat as you, I'm still learning. And there is A LOT to learn out there. But I'm glad I was able to pass down something I learned to help you out!

Now how about making a grow journal to show off your hard work? People here never get tired of seeing Cannabis plants, even if we won't always get to enjoy them ourselves.
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