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Nelsonthedog Grow - Dark Devil - 818 Headband - Master Kush - 2 Mysteries

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Ok, heres my grow

1 sweet seeds dark devil
2 cali connection 818 headband
1 humboldt seeds master kush
2 mystery seeds my neighbor gave me

Soil is Promix HP

Lighting for veg hydro farm 4' t5 8 bulb and for flower is a hydrofarm 600 watt hps

My nutes I use are general hydroponics

Temps at highest are 82 to 80 degrees

And lowest is 71 to 74 degrees

My watering schedule fluctuates from nutrient solution to plain water

For my water i use the growonix ex100 ro filter

Dark devil

818 headband #2

Mystery seeds

Master kush

818 headband #1
Thanx i will be giving updates every Tuesday and a summary of what was done must say you have some fine grows yourself there
I appreciate that, always room for improvements though. BTW Welcome to :420: my friend!!
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Ok heres another week update

I'll start with the dark devil , well i think she stoped growing tall she is 3ft 4in now so only 2in this week compared to 8in last week buds are starting to swell up and tomorrow i will flush with florakleen and bumb up the nutes a little and also i trimed the 2 lower branches to concentrate on the others ok here's some pics

Dark Devil

And now the 818 headband and master kush and mystery seeds

They have been doing good i topped the 2 headbands and also lower branches and lower branches on master kush and cloned them
Here's. Some pics

818 headband. Master kush. Mystery seeds

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Ok another week has passed starting with dark devil.
I have flushed her again and giving her full nutes im using a 6 part system from gh the 3 flora blends and floralicious ,cool bloom,and florablend so hopefully she will be done her soon so i can get the others flowering before they get any bigger well here's some pics of her

Dark devil

And for the 818 headband ,master kush,and mystery seeds and clones they have been doing great i am now doing aggresive veg schedule with them and clones are starting to root ok here's some pics

Until next Tuesday see ya
Make sure to enter into the Nug of the Month contest when she is dry. Im sure it will be a contender
lol its hard to wait a week between pics ..

im in , i love the dark devil .. im about to pop one in about a month .. i love the updates so u can see the purple coming in..
yea i hope mine does just like yours .. ugh i wanna pop her tonight ..i could fit her in the lineup but damn i have 16 plants going right now ..
i know i know.. lol shhh don't pressure me