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NeoScott's Ebb and flow table Single cola style - Just need opinions right now


Hey guys nice to see you again.

So I'm trying to gather some information for my next grow and I have a few questions (at the end, First the info)

So this is going to be a slow build up to a single cola style grow on an 2*4 ebb and flow table that will become perpetual harvest after a few rounds.

Strain: Liberty haze, then Vanilla Kush, I figure if I have two strains going the mother plants will have a month to recover before I beat them down again.

Here my plan: Feel free to comment, make suggestions or just tell me I'm wrong. I hope to start in April.

April 1st: Seeds will go into paper towel to germinate.
April 2-5th: Seeds should have tap roots in this time and moved over to their home in the Rockwool cube and then into their new mother habitat (2x4 grow tent 600 watt MH light)
April 5th-26th: I will allow the mother plants 3 weeks to grow --OR-- I can spend this time training the plant(Low stress, super cropping, and topping)
April 26th Change over to water only on mother plants.
may 3rd (Or later): Pre-soak the Macro plugs or rapid rooter with Thrive alive B1 Red and AquaSheild
take some clones from the mothers till I have the 72 I need. place the clones into <cloning system not determined> sprayed with Thrive Alive B1 Green, dip ends in Rootech. Change mother plants back over to veg feed.

May 13th(Or when the clones are rooted): Place all required Rockwool cubes into table with aquasheild and Thrive alive B1 Red at pH 5.5 flood table over night before the clones enter the table, making sure that the run off is a pH of 6.0
at this point I will cover the top of the table with Mylar (Maybe Panda?) I will make 2 cuts every 4 inches in the shape of an X so the macro plugs or the rapid rooter can be plugged into the Rockwool cubes. Next would be actually inserting the clones into the Rockwool.
June 22nd: Mother plants change over to water only feed.
June 28th: Pre-soak macro plugs if required
June 29th: Take the next 72 clones for table 1, turn mothers back to Veg feed(1/3rd to 2/3rd to perfect level)
July 13th: Harvest table 1, clean entire grow room, tables, pumps ETC. Pre-soak new Rockwool cubes over night in table same as before. Start new Vanilla Kush in it's own units.
July 14th: start table 1 again.
August 7th: Run out and grab new equipment on this day or before. Change Vanillia Kush mother plants over to water only feed.
August 12th: Pre-soak Macro-plugs or rapid rooter.
August 13th : Clone 72 new clones for table 2
August 21st: Set up new equipment, run an overnight test.
August 22nd: Pre-soak Rockwool cubes like before
August 23rd: Apply panada/mylar move clones to pre-soaked Rockwool cube
August 28th: Change Liberty haze mother plants over to plain water
Sept 3rd: Pre-soak Macro plugs
Sept 4th:Clone, Change mothers back to veg feed
Sept 14th: Harvest table 1, Clean room complete tables and pumps, Then pre-soak Rockwool cube in table as before
Pretty much repeats the same cycle untill there are 4 tables, two with Liberty haze and two with Vanilla Kush.


1) I'm only getting 1 page of results when I search "Ebb and flow table single cola" and none of it's related to what I want so I ask now. I know this answer is based off how well I can grow, but I still need somewhere to start. If I need 72 clones per table, (feel free to guess) How many mother plants should I need? Last time I cloned I got 11 clones off 1 plant. My best guess would be 7-10 plants (Which I can do.)

2) My mother plants will be in a DWC system (The system I have now) The clones will move to an Aero-Cloner, or into rapid rooter plugs(Not sure how I would grow them, maybe just dome+tray) then to ebb and flow, Will the change in grow styles be to much for the plant and stress them out? Should I modify my current system to a ebb and flow for less stress(Wouldn't cost much)? Should I change over from a single reservoir to a bucket system where I would be able to control which plants get water only vs changing all of them over at once.

3) best method to training the plants for more clones? I'm thinking about topping them a few times then using low stress training to keep the branches down allowing more light into the plants to *Hopefully* grow more branches.

4) Right now I'm using the 10 part recipe for success kit from TechnaFlora. According to my leet math and deal finding skills I should be able to run the mother plant system and 1 table for about $200 every 8 weeks after taxes for the nuits only. Now, that being said a 2 part would be cheaper, my question is would sticking with the 10 part provide a larger yield compared to dropping down to a 2 stage? Is the yield increase going to be worth the extra money?

5) Would CO2 increase the amount I yield in this grow enough to justify buying a CO2 system? Someone have a good link to a lot of information on CO2? I'm not too interested in fucking with CO2 but if the yield increase is worth it then I see no reason not to, besides safety.

My brain just shut down so I'm going stop typing now.


8 weeks of nuits for 1 table and 1 DWC mother plant.

B.C. Boost 2640ml
B.C. Grow 480ml
B.C. Bloom 1680ML
Thrive Alive B1 Red 440ML
Thrive alive B1 Green -----
Aqua Shield 950ML
Awesome Blossoms 280ML
MagiCal 440ML
Sugar Daddy 2040ML
Pro-Slicate 880ML


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you could pull 100 cuttings off a mother if shes big enough
I know I can pull at least 20 off the mother I currently have its a matter of how old the mom is cause the older it is the more you would have took cuttings from by now and would have a ton of branching so on the how many can you get off 1 mother question would depend
on how big the mother plant is as far as bushyness is concerned and amount of branching

I don't think it would matter as your gonna throw them in from clones
the mothers wil be fine and once rooted and thrown into your ebb and flow the clones will be fine also

topping and lst would work to make more branching and be able to take more clones

if its for your mothers 2 part would be fine on them your not trying to flower them just trying to keep em green and growing healthy
as for your blooming plants if the ten part can produce more than why not
ive found a big difference from the 2 part im using to the advanced feed schedule of what im using so now I use the advanced feed schedule but for my mother plants in soil if theyre green and healthy I don't worry too much about adding more into it

co2 would work in an environment not too suitable for hydro
co2 starts to help more at about 85 degrees and up to I think 90 degrees that would be in F
so unless you plan to run chillers for the res and let the room run at least 85 degrees I wouldn't waste the money


Thanks Cronichemphog

CO2 does seem like a lot of extra costs and work. Everything I've read (Not a lot) the yield is bigger but they always say at the end that the system cost more then the yield increase, making me very skeptical about it.

I will try making the mother plant a 2 part system and see how they turn out. I'll start 10 plants on day one and flower out any that I will not need after all 4 tables are going. I'm still debating on using my current system or upgrading to ebb and flow bucket style.
I hope this link is okay. hydroponic supplies and equipment for hydroponic grow systems : Canadian Wholesale Hydroponics. 1 (877) 226-4769
I was thinking of moving over to the individual systems, this would require more time from me which is fine but it would allow me to control how many plants get just water and how many plants are recovering with nuits. I'm sure I can make a DIY version for cheaper then this site. --OR-- Maybe just make 2 5 site ebb and flow buckets.


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for single cola sea of green make sure u have the right strain, the best strain ive done this with was sleestack skunk.

mothers should be pulling 100's cuts. u need to train ur mother and prep it for cuts, mothers from seeds, especially femm'd seeds isnt a good idea. it can work but big risk. u want a cutting from seed for mother or even a cut from a cut of seed. if u cant get 72 cuts in 3 weeks from a dwc mother u are doing something wrong. for mothers top and tie down and repeat to get something like this


co2 would increase yield but u need to know what u are doing. too high ppm will give huge buds but u may as well bin it as it will be weak as piss. co2 in veg will accelerate growth and u need a sealed room for it to work best.
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