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Nepal Jam genetic disorder?


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Hi all,

Been growing this thing inside since January. As soon as its first true leaves came out it started to show some weird inconsistencies in the leaf development. Now that the plant is almost 3 feet tall, it's really showing. Aside from the leaf structure, its an otherwise healthy plant.

Any ideas? Would you grow this thing out or scrap it?



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First I wood check for Hemp Russet Mites - this critter you need a 200x scope to see them at 800x they will be clear.

Also Thrips leave those sort of damage to leaves but you can see them easily. Why I say to look close for Hemp Mites.

Your plant could also have some sort of virus. Tobacco mosaic virus can look like that.

The viruses are easy - cull and burn.

The Hemp mites not so much. I wood first look real closely with a microscope for the hemp russet mite. They are microscopic and devastating.

Reason for not just tossing but finding out if you have the hemp mites is that you will need to do more cleanup afterwards or you will never really get rid of them.

Yeah your plant has issues. It's best to start again with either a virus or hemp mites. But mites you gotta clean up your space REALLY well. Virus can be in the seed and passed that way, or from outdoors if you have infected sick trees around your home. Sycamore hosting Anthracnose is one. That can transfer to cannabis but that usually results in "witches Broom" type growth, you dont have that.


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Well I never considered a pest. I actually don't think it to be a pest as this plant has been living for 3 months in very close quarters with 3 other plants that show no symptoms. I'm assuming these mites don't only eat Nepal Jam over Pineberry or Durban Poison or Frisian Dew.

If it is viral however, would it be worth putting outside and watching it finish? Or don't bother?

Maybe worth noting is that it was impossible to clone. I took about 100 clones over the last month from these 4 plants and no roots set with any of the Nepal Jam.
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For cuts introduce some bacteria like EM-1. Bacteria can actually help change the RNA in the cut. (all new sciencey stuff). Also can change a virus to something not harmful.

Plant viruses can be passed on by touching another plant. So if your other plants dont have it and they are touching, likely not a virus.

Insect pests on the other hand will have preferences. Plants have the ability to put out pheramones that tell other plants there's a pest. The other plants ramp up their immune defenses to help fend off the pest be in 2 - 4 - 6 - 8 legged versions.

Add to that - I've grown a Durban that every plant in my room had mites but not the Durban. lol Maybe all that lemon smell fends off the pests.
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