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i dont have time to watch all of these right now, but im def. coming back and picking up where i left off. thanks for posting these vids. ive been hearing about them a lot but im too lazy to go look them up.


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I have never been to a marjuanna meeting but i think that last video shows some what of what its like... Barry being someone talking about the facts of marjuanna... and the broadcasters are like congress... just my opinion i have no idea lol


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These sodomites think it makes them look smart to talk very fast and not listen to the other side of any issue. That woman is completely asinine. It amazes me how condescending some people can be while maintaining employment. I guess that speaks to the ethics of Fox. In fact, the only thing that appeals to me about institutionalized religion is the common belief that people that contribute to that kind of negativity in the world someday burn for it.


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What an amazing guy. I really love what Barry said about Marc Emery:adore:, who I find a god. Overgrow The Government:peace:
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