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Big pete 132

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Hi im new to 420 but into growing ive just got back into it here are some pics of 23day old G 14 auto they are doung ok ive never growen autos befor and im amased at how quick they do grow any way iv found that the out side edge of leves are curling up a little i have another strain in tent thats doung it worse and a 3 strian thats not affected at all i was thinking heat and light stress as well as room wasnt being vented enough rh was low as well temp was up to 30c and rh doen to 50% i know thats real bad but took a while to sort out i now have control over both temp and rh now 26c and 70% tent is 3mx1.5mx2m 2x 1000w hps a/c and corbon filters all running now most of it seems to have got over it and new groth is looking good i run canna at ph6 and is at 440ppm im hopeing all is well need to get rid of autos to start scrog lol sorry phone doesnt take very good picks they have great colour


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Big pete 132

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Ive got it down to stress i think as only one strain out of 3 did it had some autos in and they are over 3 feet as they went to flower didnt expect so tall at 4weeks old do most autos grow to 3 foot befor flowering lol


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I've never grown an auto, or feminized for that matter but...most plants that are put into flower stretch quite a bit before concentrating on flowering...I imagine that the auto does something of the sort before it starts flowering too...I put mine in at waist high and this is what happens....
(old pic) only 6 weeks into a 10.5 - 11 week flower...
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