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Never seen this when only 12 inches - What can it be?

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This Clone is in it's 6th week and what is it trying to do at this early stage?

Is this a Pre-mature Boy at 12 inches and if it is, how can this be?


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when removing this plant from your grow area I would suggest you slide a plastic bag over it and seal it with duct tape before you bounce it around and send pollen everywhere contaminating your grow area. My guess is you have already taken her out, but for future that would be a wise way to do it.


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keep in mind too that clones are not new plants... they are parts of very old plants, just being forced to root in a new place. I used to have a white widow mother that was almost 3 years old. Every one of her clones would start to show pistils before they were even out of the solo cup stage and still had a month to go in my veg tent. That didnt mean they went into flower though, my lights prevented that.
Is that all part of just one plant in the pics? If so, then that's a hermie, unless those white pistols are some kind of trick photography.