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Never thought this possible!

joined just a little while back, i’m the “froggy one”. (Not really) not really I call myself peaceful but READY GUY ! :) just like a lot of us :) ....
. At least that’s what she used to say. Now she sees me as the “mellow guy” since I started smoking at age 60 ! :)

Reading everybody’s info :) what an awesome source. First grow ! Fox farm Plus lots of perlite and some Plus lots of perlite and some Coco ..., One shot nectar (If you know what that is) if you know what that is , Roots Organics Bloom and grow Terp Tea ....great white For transplants.... for transplants , one pH meter and fixer, Lots of TLC And I read a lot ! :) i’ll let you all know what I came up with ! Countdown somewhere right around Christmas ! :) what could be a better present? Health on a stick ! :) peace, good tidings, thank you very much for your time. See you in a bit ! That’s one $2.64 homemade clonet from to Walmart shoe containers and one package of girly hair clips ....Or manly hair clips if that’s you :) I don’t care :) show me your weed:) I don’t care :) show me your weed


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show me your weed

Welcome @Frogtownusa I'll show mine now you gotta show yours! Cheers mate, luck to your grow! :yahoo:

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