Never tried and a 1 time grower, seeking auto-flowering assistance


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Learning about auto flowering strains. Anything you want to say or contribute is welcome. Grow advice, good outdoor strains, your favs, or whatever. Doing an outdoor grow again this summer. Curious about pest resistant, hot and wet in spring and real hot and dry in July and Aug. Will be traveling for work and will not be home to maintain like I would want. Just got a promotion so on the road a lot now. Any advice or comments are appreciated.

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For a first time grower, I would not recommend autos. They are a little touchy, particularly when in the seedling stage, and if they get stunted, or if there's a growth problem there isn't time to fix it, and you end up with sub-par plants/yields. Autos require a little more care/time. You're doing an outdoor grow, I'd use photo's and a timer system for watering/fertilizing, particularly if you're going to be away from the grow for days at a time. Photos are more forgiving of mistakes. That said, if you really want autos, I like Northern Lights, any of the Mimosa, or Girl Scout Cookie strains, as well as the Gorilla strains.


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And improper watering is the most frequent cause of stunting plants, especially autos. Come check out #SIP Club for an easy way around that issue. Perfect watering every time, even for new growers.

Good luck with the grow. I concur that autos are a challenge to grow well even though they're marketed as a good "intro to growing" option.

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Thinking of guerrilla growing and my thoughts are auto flowers might be best. My neighborhood is no place to grow. To open and easy to be robbed.
LOL.... sounds like you're from my neck of the woods. I don't dare try to grow outside. Someone would steal them the first day. Way too hot in summer in Phoenix anyways. Good luck on your grow !
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