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I was taught when drawing with pencils, you need a semi-soft type surface underneath a good weight paper. This makes the surface of the paper curl in on each stroke, and you can control the direction that light is reflected off the paper. I would give you the details, but all my art supplies are packed in boxes for the move. I love your stuff :)
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Thanks. Soon I hope to have my cameras back and I will go back to photographing my art. Seems I can control the light better by photo.
Great to see you back online, Alaska Lady!:rollit:
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I sure wish I could post the other stuff im working on here but it's not 420 related...YET! I have a really cool one with Tweety and the THC fairy! I am also working on some tattoos for my sister but they arent 420, but they COULD be!! LOL The one of them is pretty cool and porn related but she hasnt seen it yet so not sure if she will approve, but knowing her she will love it and I will have to add something 420 to it so you can all see when its done. I have another one thats working now thats another naked lady with little MV for a friend so I can post that one later when its done. Well I better get to work so I can get them colored and posted huh! I know you are all anxiously awaiting their arrival. it is so good to be back full time now. Can't wait to talk to everyone again!

Hey Alaska Lady do you paint? I love your drawings. I am a painter myself, but my camera is broken (has been for a while) so I can't put my stuff on here. But your work has inspired me. I love looking at other people's work to figure them and their works out. Keep 'em comin.
Peace and Love:hippy:
i have a drawing that is 420 related but is horribly offenceive. it jesus sitting behind a pot leaf wearing a confederate robe, with nuclear bombs going off... its some of my best art, and sadly i do not claim it as my own. im proud of my artistic abilites of it, but i do not think 420 magazine will accept it..
i do indeed love your talent, Alaska Lady
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Thank you for that and it would be great to see other peoples work so feel free to post some artwork of your own. If not approved maybe an inspiration to try again.

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Johnny I gave you a couple of months did you find anything yet? lol

Now that the busy season is almost over I will be able to get back to drawing and painting again and post some of my new stuff.

420 i will see what I can do for you soon!

I actually completely forgot about it, to tell you the truth, AlaskaLady! :3: I actually did come across two pictures I drew awhile ago while I was cleaning, and I'll post them when I'm not too busy. :)
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^ You must be really busy! LOL I have been busy too so I know how it goes but I would love to see what you did. I am finishing up a couple now and should have time to finish in the next week or so. Look forward to your posting pics.

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Johnny, did you find your pics yet.
Sorry everyone that I have been so busy taking care of other more important family matters lately, but I promise I will have some new pics soon. Probably after this weekend I am hoping. I have them all out and ready just not quite done yet. A little tweaking on them and then they will be ready for viewing. Even I cant wait!

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Here is the latest drawing. It is a tattoo that my sister wanted to do on her lower back. She plans to put her grandkids names in the lighter areas with their bdays. Hope you like it and she hasnt figured it out yet but I used pot leaves on her roses! LOL

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