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Hopefully as soon as it is done on her back she will forward a pic and I can post that here as well. It will be cool to see how it turns out on skin!
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Instead of flames I wanted to do Pot leaves for the wings but she didnt want me to get too carried away! LOL I think I may just paint that one anyway and do a couple of variations on it and try the pot leaves. I am going to have to change the color though. Too much green so I need a balancer color. Will have to think on that one. I have enough to do right now without thinking up more ideas! LOL :smokin2:
is that a cat tree or am i just high?
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Well, kind of! I just wanted it to look more fantasy like. Glad you all enjoy them.
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Ok, I re-did the fairy and gave her some new friends! I think I am going to try and take photos of these instead of scanning cuz they don't look much like the original colors. It sucks too cuz I think they are cute. Well I hope you all like this one also. Enjoy

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I tried to make it a little darker so you could see the colors better. I dont know if it helped but.... whatever. :hmmmm: You get the idea!

Hello . How can I put my pic's on this site? I am not sure how to do this? :popcorn: Can you help?? I'm listening.. :peace: I would love to share my art. :thanks: :cool027: Keep on token
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Hi Med! I sent you a PM regarding photos also with the same link. If you have any problems please let us know, we will do waht we can to help you. Look forward to seeing your pics.

AL :smokin2:
Hi AL I was looking through this thread and wanted to say I am touched by your art. The lines are clean and smooth. Your subjects come alive on the paper and it is all very refreshing Art beautifying the neighborhood. My mind has been full and heavy lately and this journal is a much needed refuge full of life and beauty!
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Thanks Wingman, glad to know I can provide a little sunshine for you. May the clouds part and disappear, leaving blue skies for you in the wake of the sun! :yummy:
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Yeah! Now I am in the right forum. I hope to have some new ones very soon. I started painting again after more than a year off, and I am having so much fun! I finally got my art room back and I have everything out again. Thanks to all who have stopped in to visit. I hope you enjoy my art.