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So, I'm pretty much in love with glass and I love getting a new piece to add to my collection. Ended up going to my local head shop after shopping around for a while and picked up a new 9mil PURE glass piece. Was debating between this and the 7mm ROOR lil' sista but the ROORS seem to be a tad overpriced. For the cost, I think this was a great buy! I'll have to get a smoke report when I get it home today! Anyways, on to the picture!


9mm PURE glass non-beaker. This stuck out to me not only because of the thickness, but its simplicity as well. I try to keep my glass very clean and it gets difficult to constantly clean a 2+ perc bong. I also purchased the PURE daisy diffuser and matching PURE 5arm ash-catcher with the chamber.

Comments/Criticisms welcomed! Apologies for the crappy cell pic.
I'm in no way affiliated with the company and this is just my honest opinion. It's a great piece and I'm glad to support my local head-shops by purchasing it. Quality is great, can't really beat 9mm thick glass. If you have the funds I'd suggest you purchase one. Good luck!
You won't be disappointed. I wanted to pick up a local blown bubbler in Oregon on my last visit but we ended up flying in rather than make a 16+ hr drive.
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