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Hi 420 Magazine Friends,

I am a mid-50s disabled woman living in Northern California. I am diligently researching a move to Panama, after being forced into homelessness in the county ranked #3 in the nation for having the highest homeless population per capita. There are very few programs available to assist me in getting housing appropriate to my income, which I receive from Social Security Disability. The amount I receive is about equal to the amount required to rent a studio or a small room in someone else's home. Moving to Panama, I will have enough to live comfortably in my own 2 bedroom home...as well as being qualified to receive their "pensionado program", which would give me 50% off of just about everything else I would need while living there.

My biggest concern is that I have been unable to find out about the legalization of Medical Marijuana in Panama, which was passed in May of 2015. However, there is NO information available (on-line, anyway!) as to how to receive these products, and how much I should expect to pay for products needed to control my many diagnoses.

For 6 years now, I have been able to maintain my "remission" status for my Chronic Lymphomic Leukemia by using concentrate oils...2:1 THC/CBD. I recently had another "scare" when I found a huge lump on my neck, as well as elevated WBC levels above normal ranges. I had been without my oils for nearly 1 1/2 months, due to a lack of availability at my dispensary. Finally they referred me to another dispensary, which is owned by a doctor who gives 50% off of these oils to all his cancer clients. After taking the oils for THREE days, the lump on my neck completely disappeared, and my WBC count went back into normal ranges. I must be able to access these oils while living in Panama, as well as edibles and buds to help with my chronic pain, anxiety & depression.

I am hoping that I might find people that know more about this situation in Panama, and can provide me with the information I need prior to continuing my plans to move. If I cannot take these down there, I cannot move there, which would be a VERY big disappointment.

Thanks for reading my post, and I hope to hear back from some of you that can shed a little light on this subject! I look forward to meeting others here, and swapping stories!
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