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Hi All, just a guy from down under here. Growing several Auto's and looking to discuss the plants and grow, exchange pics ect. This is my third time around growing and I think I'm really starting to get the hang of it. I grow in a tent, using LED lighting. 1x 600watt and 2x 300watt. Will be purchasing another 600watt in the coming weeks. Plants are a few weeks from harvest in my opinion. Now growing: Moby Dick XXL, AutoUltimate, Critical Jack Herer Auto, Crystal Meth, Deimos, Il Diavolo and Cheese Candy Auto.

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Here is a link on how to get started with a journal, there is a link in my sig on how to add one to yours so others can find you.

How to Make a Grow Journal
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:welcome: to :420: Phoenix! You came to the right place. :thumb: