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New Bagseed First Grow


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Thats is a very nice armsized bud you got yourself there. :D but must say, that LED panel does not look like a 140w led panel. its identical to one i got from a friend and thats only 14w. if that was a 140w led panel it would have needed some mounted fans and what not. and that one my good sir is not that :D but very impressed indeed of the top cola grown under 250w hps very nice job


Hey thanks! thats shit as :( I will have to look up how to test the light out-put because i purchased another one at '225w' :( but hey wasn't really expensive and i got results so won't let that get me down! :D


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you very welcome. heres some pic's and a link to my thread. i put the specs on some pretty good sitelight you can look at these colorspectrums for future reference. they work pretty damn well for me

you Led Panel

The bottom pic, sorry its tilted a bit ;). is a 145w chipset that use only 90w 3w lenses drawing about 2w on each.
you see the light intensity on that one. the small panel is fare from that.
i only use that panel for a bit of reflection in the bottom of my pot. its not even plugged in. and no sitelighting is installed in this grow plane ufo powers ;)

specs on some desent lights imo.

hope this will provent people from stealing some other peoples money in the future.

best of luck to you M8



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oh yeah and right attitude. don't let nothing get you down. best growers are built by self education, trails and errors ;)

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Hope all is well in your world.

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