New batch of seeds - Opinions & advice please!


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I just put new batch of seeds in rapid rooters after soaking for 2 days. They are in a 5 x 5 tent under humidity dome, not under direct light. There is a 200w LED in same tent, over my two autos that are like 35 days old and going. After these sprout, should i put under my cheap 10$ fluorescent, or put under the LED? And how far away!!?? My first grow the seedlings stretched rly bad when sprouting. they sprouted and i had fluorescent 6 inches away and gradually moved closer. Half of this new batch is going outdoors probably in 3 weeks after growing in tent.

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re: New batch of seeds - Opinions & advice please!

I would put the fluorescent right above the dome. When the seeds sprout remove the dome and keep the lamp as close as you can to the seedlings without cooking them. Keep the grow media moist and move to the LED after a week or so. Distance from the LED will depend on the lamp specs.

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